Weez International Limited was established as a real estate investment advisory firm that stands 100% by investors interest.

WEEZ stands for World Excellent Estate Zooming. The company focuses only on excellent properties with a certain investment parameter for global real estate investment and its advisory services.

Maximize Investor Return on Investors’ behalf

Given the current credit crisis environment, many of past real estate investments done by investment funds became bad assets. Investment now, however, has huge potential like we experienced from 1998 to 2005.

In the current distressed market, we identify numbers of investment opportunities globally, including Japan. This market, including distressed loan investments, is growing rapidly.

However, there are not many advisory firms that can take advantage of this opportunity, as most investment firms are now suffering from past investments. Very few advisory firms are able to initiate new transaction as we can.

Weez International Limited, which was established on behalf of investors, will seek for these new opportunities.